Delhi uninterrupted

Published on 25 April, 2014 in Time Out Delhi

Delhi is infamous for its notoriety. Often criticised for being loud and aggressive, it is dogged by tags such the “rape capital of India”, high incidences of corruption and crime, and misuse of power. It’s a city we all love to hate and hate to love. In a bid to embrace its imperfections and celebrate its quirks, the online cultural journal Little Black Book Delhi has put up Ctrl.Alt.Delhi – Celebrating the Spirit of Delhi, a music video created by A Little Anarky Films in collaboration with Studio Fuzz.

“We all have things that we like and dislike about Delhi, but it’s amazing that all of it really feeds into the character of this city,” said Suchita Salwan, founder of LBBD. “I wanted to bring together the good, the eccentric and the local side of the city in three and a half minutes. What you see in the video is one-of-a-kind collaboration of different tastes and preferences that come together to paint the most surreal picture.”

Salwan went with the concept to Koval Bhatia, creator of A Little Anarky Films, a digital creative studio, who put the video together, and got Srijan Mahajan from Studio Fuzz on board to come
up with an original soundtrack.

The video is resplendent with snapshots of everyday life in the city along with its familiar sounds. It begins with the arrival of a Delhi Metro train entering Rajiv Chowk station with the voiceover declaring “Change here for New Delhi Railway Station and Airport line. Doors will open on the right. Please mind the gap”. Familiar sights make up most of the video
– folk dancers twirling to the tunes of a flautist in Dilli Haat; a Connaught Place pavement shared by street-food hawkers, booksellers, and a teenage cobbler; Jama Masjid at dusk; Humayun’s Tomb at the crack of dawn; the incessant flow of traffic on the AIIMS flyover; the Paharganj neighbourhood glowing neon by night; a stray dog claiming its right over a nook; foodies crowded around Chandni Chowk’s famous Paranthewali Gali; and a moment of stillness inside French restaurant Chez Nini.

“A lot of it was unplanned, driven by instinct and sheer love for the city,” said Bhatia. “Whenever we had some time off, we’d take a camera and capture a part of Delhi we thought was interesting. In over three months, we had heaps of visuals from all over the city along with some amazing sounds. We put together the visuals and gave the sounds to StudioFuzz who mixed it into an awesome track.”

Next time the city weighs weary upon you, perhaps this video will help you to get on your feet again.

View Ctrl.Alt.Delhi


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